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The power of the digital influencer

The digital influencer has completely revolutionized the marketing and communications landscape. With individuals now charging between 5 and 6 figures fees for campaigns, the traditional advertising and PR space has been turned on its head.

Beauty and fashion brands are paving the way for relationships with this new brand of digital natives, working with influencers […]

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Instagram launched the latest update to its app over the summer- Instagram Stories. Almost a carbon copy of Snapchat, Stories enables users to take images or record video that remains live for 24 hours.

Instagram has a reported 300 daily million users, compared to Snapchat’s 150 daily million. Placing the tool front and center, Instagram […]

From the Intern’s Desk: Instagram’s New Algorithm

People everywhere are freaking out about Instagram’s new algorithm. Currently, posts are organized in the order in which they are posted, and as you scroll down your feed you are able to see posts from everyone that you follow. The new algorithm orders posts in a more Facebook-like way, which organizes them based on […]

Snapchat’s geo filters: what you need to know

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, with an estimated 100 million daily users.

Savvy brands are integrating Snapchat into their social media marketing, using the platform to engage and reach younger, tech- smart audiences.

Snapchat have recently announced geo filters, a feature that brands and small businesses will be wise to try […]

Facebook reactions: love or hate?

Facebook recently announced the news that many of its fans had been waiting for: the release of more reactions!

If the humble like wasn’t enough for you, users can now show their feelings through the additional reactions of love, haha, yay, wow, sad and angry.

In the relatively short time since they went live, I’ve seen […]

#Oscars: what hit big on social media

The Academy Awards is an event that many of us look forward to every year. Like the Grammys and every big event that has come before it, audiences are increasingly turning to social media as part of the viewing experience.

The Oscars hashtag was trending throughout the night, accompanied by a little golden statuette. The […]

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    From the Intern’s Desk: Growing Visibility and Sales with Instagram

From the Intern’s Desk: Growing Visibility and Sales with Instagram

The influence that Instagram has on consumers is increasing on a daily basis. With a community of more than 400 million members, it provides a perfect platform for promoting brands. There are however a few key things to remember when trying to grow visibility or sell a product through Instagram.

1. Take a great picture

Customers […]

#BlackFriday and social media

So, we’ve made it through another Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Two of the most highly anticipated shopping days of the year; retailers and many shoppers turn to social media to provide news of deals and the latest items that have been purchased.

Over 1.4 million tweets referenced this year’s Black Friday, and an estimated […]

Key tips for making your pitch stand out

You have some exciting news to share on behalf of your client- but how do you make your pitch stand out?

Creating an eye-catching pitch is truly an art form, and our tips will help make yours stand out above the rest.

Personalize: never ever send a pitch that isn’t personalized. Address a reporter by their […]

Tips for building relationships with journalists

Your relationships with journalists are ones that should be nurtured. Like a fine wine, they mature and grow stronger over time, and can lead to some great moments!

Building an authentic relationship will not happen overnight, taking a mix of research and persistence. Put in the effort now and you will reap the rewards at […]