Public Relations Explained: What’s all the buzz about branding?

Every individual and organization has their own unique brand. A brand can be defined as an outward expression of values, similar to a personality. Having a clear brand is important because it shows the audience who you are and what you stand for.


Public relations has many tactics that aid in successful brand building. The first being media relations. The type of media your organization is associated with plays a big part in your organization’s branding and how consumers think of you business. When putting a message out into the media, PR professionals always think of the primary reader: the consumer. With every piece of key messaging released, the consumer should have two takeaways:


  • Knowledge of the organization’s purpose
  • How the organization differs from competitors


Through the use of media, building a brand can also increase consumer interest. It tells consumers why they should be interested in the first place. 


Another tactic PR uses for brand building is the creation of a campaign. The values that are behind every campaign strategy should be a reflection of the organizations values. As previously mentioned, values are the foundation of which brands are build upon. Therefore, a campaign rooted in brand identity will represent to consumers that the organization is true to its word. It emphasizes that they will not take any actions unrepresentative of their core values. Overall, campaigning is putting the brand into action.


Organizations are built from the ground up, and laying that foundation is a critical component. All messaging and actions come from the basics of your branding. In fact, developing a brand identity is one of the key cornerstones of running a successful business.