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Seeking Fall Intern Candidates!

Seeking Fall Internship Candidates!
We’re looking for a fall intern to join our New York office! It will be a hands-on opportunity to learn more about media relations, campaign development, social media promotion and more. Details are below.

Our intern will have the opportunity to work hands-on with our Founder in New York to contribute to […]

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Five Things Great PR Can Help You Achieve

You need to tell the story of your business and a public relations strategy is the way to do it. Despite the rise and continuing influence of digital and social media, which is a critical part of many of today’s successful media campaigns, there is still a place and a need for good public […]

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Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A PR Firm

You’re ready to see your business’s news in headlines, but handing over your story to a PR professional seems overwhelming. After all, aren’t you the expert on your business? You’ve built your media list, sent some emails and waited for journalists to jump at the opportunity to write about your venture.

When you’re just starting […]

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Four Ways Small Businesses Can Succeed at Their Own PR

For new business owners, public relations strategies can seem too time consuming, and even a little intimidating. Where to start? Who to contact? What to say? However, the value of public relations for a young company is exponential as it means people are talking about your product or business with real authenticity. At the […]

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The power of the digital influencer

The digital influencer has completely revolutionized the marketing and communications landscape. With individuals now charging between 5 and 6 figures fees for campaigns, the traditional advertising and PR space has been turned on its head.

Beauty and fashion brands are paving the way for relationships with this new brand of digital natives, working with influencers […]

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Instagram launched the latest update to its app over the summer- Instagram Stories. Almost a carbon copy of Snapchat, Stories enables users to take images or record video that remains live for 24 hours.

Instagram has a reported 300 daily million users, compared to Snapchat’s 150 daily million. Placing the tool front and center, Instagram […]

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From the Intern’s Desk: Instagram’s New Algorithm

People everywhere are freaking out about Instagram’s new algorithm. Currently, posts are organized in the order in which they are posted, and as you scroll down your feed you are able to see posts from everyone that you follow. The new algorithm orders posts in a more Facebook-like way, which organizes them based on […]

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Snapchat’s geo filters: what you need to know

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, with an estimated 100 million daily users.

Savvy brands are integrating Snapchat into their social media marketing, using the platform to engage and reach younger, tech- smart audiences.

Snapchat have recently announced geo filters, a feature that brands and small businesses will be wise to try […]

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Seeking Summer Internship Candidates!

We’re looking for a summer intern to join our Nashville office! It will be a hands-on opportunity to learn more about media relations, campaign development, social media promotion and more. Details are below. For those interested, please email kalina(at) with a copy of your CV, cover letter, and a writing sample.


Our Nashville intern will […]

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From the Intern’s Desk: Advertising on Instagram

As you may have noticed, Instagram recently introduced a new feature where businesses can “sponsor” posts. These posts show up on users’ feeds regardless of whether they follow the brand or not. As the popularity and influence of Instagram increases, this new option is a great tool for businesses to advertise their brand. I […]

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