People everywhere are freaking out about Instagram’s new algorithm. Currently, posts are organized in the order in which they are posted, and as you scroll down your feed you are able to see posts from everyone that you follow. The new algorithm orders posts in a more Facebook-like way, which organizes them based on popularity. Additionally, it is rumored that eventually the new algorithm will show only certain posts, rather than from everyone that you follow.

So what exactly does this mean for Instagram influencers and bloggers? Is the future bleak? Instagram claims that the move they are making will not jeopardize brands, but simply show people things that they are interested in and want to see on their feed. Accounts that they most engage with and have shown to enjoy will appear first on the Instagram time-line instead of in real time. If people normally engage with an influencer or brand, it is likely that they will continue to see these posts. However, influencers that do not have a big following or engaging content may be pushed down in the feed.

The catch here is that Instagram has not yet introduced the new platform, so all of these assumptions are just that- no one really knows the impacts of this new change yet. I personally believe that these changes will be good for accounts that have huge followings and engaged users, as they will continue to be a priority in the feed. It may be detrimental for up-and-coming influencers trying to make it in the Instagram world.