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PR Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

#PRfail. We’ve all seen them, commented on them, and hopefully, not directly experienced them!

There can be nothing more humiliating than realizing you’ve committed a public relations sin, and the realization that you’ve got to clean it up!

If you handle public relations for a client or in-house, here are the pitfalls that you should avoid […]

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Top traits of a PR professional

The world of public relations is a competitive one. A 2014 study by the Holmes Report highlighted that the public relations industry employs more than 80,000 people, at a value worth $12.5bn. Are you already working in PR or looking to become an industry professional? Ensure that you have these following skills for a […]

How to be a great online networker

We love our social networks. Twitter has 284 million monthly active users, and almost as many people use Facebook as live in the entire country of China. Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll be communicating with everyone on these networks, there is an art to being a successful online networker and utilizing technology in your […]

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Ace your online personal brand

We all have our favorite brands, but have you considered that in fact you are a brand too?

In the easy age of Googling one another, getting your personal branding spot on has never been more important.

What steps can you take to achieve a great personal brand?

Define your strengths: make a list of what you’re […]

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6 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Press Release

Press releases still remain an important way of self-promotion, and constructing a release that will catch the eye of a busy journalist is an art form. I immediately know if a press release is relevant for my blog, and if it isn’t, it heads straight to my trash bin.

I’ve been and remain on both […]

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Using social media to build your brand

Social media is vital for building your brand and is one of the most powerful branding tools available for businesses. Whether you’re a social media novice or consider yourself to be up to speed with developments, this post shares some top tips for using social media to strengthen your brand.

Encourage your employees to use […]

5 Tips for a Successful Social Media Campaign

Planning and implementing a social media campaign takes time and it’s important to get many facets in place before launch day. This can be a daunting task, but I’m sharing with you some of my top tips to make this challenge seem less scary!

Know your target audience: from the start it is vital that […]

How to follow up with an editor without being annoying!

Part of making a story a success is being able to follow up with an editor. Whether at the start or end of your task, this is one part that you can’t afford to mess up.

As the Founder and Editor of Political Style, I receive many pitches and many follow-ups. The way in which […]

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8 Tips for Emailing a Great PR Pitch

If you’re an editor or owner of a blog it’s likely that you’ll receive many pitches a day. It can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, and I often feel overwhelmed when I open my inbox and see a hefty number of emails from PR representatives, brands or individuals pitching themselves […]

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Please Welcome Our Newest Contributor!

Hi! I’m Laura Dunn, Lexington PR’s Social Media and Communications specialist. I’m really excited to be contributing to Lexington’s blog, and my posts will share industry news, client events and handy PR and media expertise tips.

Here are some fun facts about me!

I started the blog Political Style in 2008. Blogging about fashion and politics […]

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