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#BlackFriday and social media

So, we’ve made it through another Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Two of the most highly anticipated shopping days of the year; retailers and many shoppers turn to social media to provide news of deals and the latest items that have been purchased.

Over 1.4 million tweets referenced this year’s Black Friday, and an estimated […]

Key tips for making your pitch stand out

You have some exciting news to share on behalf of your client- but how do you make your pitch stand out?

Creating an eye-catching pitch is truly an art form, and our tips will help make yours stand out above the rest.

Personalize: never ever send a pitch that isn’t personalized. Address a reporter by their […]

Tips for building relationships with journalists

Your relationships with journalists are ones that should be nurtured. Like a fine wine, they mature and grow stronger over time, and can lead to some great moments!

Building an authentic relationship will not happen overnight, taking a mix of research and persistence. Put in the effort now and you will reap the rewards at […]

3 Ways To Generate Creativity

No matter the industry, generating creative ideas is necessary for making projects more innovative and successful. We tend to become set in routine and schedule, and similarly our way of thinking can become patterned and one note. Some of the best thinking happens outside of the workplace when we’re not forcing ourselves to be […]

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    Networking in Nashville: LPR’s guide to making meaningful connections

Networking in Nashville: LPR’s guide to making meaningful connections

Networking is a tool that every professional should utilize. At Lexington PR, we believe that networking is especially important because it builds new relationships and strengthens existing connections. With a continually growing city like Nashville, there are a variety of networking groups that help professionals thrive.

Network After Work is a national organization with chapters […]

Pintastic: The Pinterest tips you need to know

Pinterest is one of our favorite social media networks- and one of yours too! Over an estimated 72 million people are active on Pinterest, with the most prolific time for posting between the hours of 8pm and 1am.

A myriad of pretty pictures and beauty tips, Pinterest is a key part of content and social […]

From the Intern’s Desk: Mastering Twitter

At LPR, one of my main responsibilities is to prepare tweets for the firm’s social handle @lexingtonpr. Let me just say, I have learned an incredible amount about brands, audiences, content and analytics as a result. There truly is a system to Twitter, and becoming familiar with the protocol is essential to making the […]

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    Which social media sites should you be using to grow your brand?

Which social media sites should you be using to grow your brand?

Social media is a daily part of all our lives. Whether you check your Facebook first thing in the morning, tweet throughout the day or Instagram your dinner, each one of us likes to be social!

You are likely a user of what I call the ‘big three-‘ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and probably like […]

How to maximize your social media posts

Love it or loathe it, knowing how to maximize your social media posts are an important part of your overall digital strategy. Why would you post important news in the middle of the night when your followers are sleeping?

Knowing when and where to post can help drive forward your social media goals, increase engagement […]

How to make news when there isn’t any

News cycles come and go, and when you’re experiencing a quiet period, it’s important to think fast and try to make some headlines!

Having a plan in place will help save time, reduce stress and importantly, get the coverage that your client or organization needs!

What can you do to make news?

Create an ideas bank: have […]

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