The influence that Instagram has on consumers is increasing on a daily basis. With a community of more than 400 million members, it provides a perfect platform for promoting brands. There are however a few key things to remember when trying to grow visibility or sell a product through Instagram.

1. Take a great picture

Customers expect companies to have beautiful images, so incorporating great photography is essential. Make sure that images are taken on a professional camera and then uploaded to Instagram, when possible. If not, ensure there’s great lighting so that it looks professional.

2. Colors are also always important

You want to make sure that your colors pop and grab the attention of the user since they are most likely scrolling through their feed quickly. Colors don’t have to be fun and bright if that doesn’t fit your brand, but they do need to look pretty.

3. Keep things consistent

Consistency will help establish your brand identity and the message you are trying to convey to customers. It will help create an overall visual aesthetic for your brand when new users check your profile.

4. Be unique

Instagram is filled will repeat, trendy pictures (*cough cough* avocado toast). By sharing unique pictures, you are more likely to catch the attention of someone scrolling through their feed. My personal favorite Instagram account is Revolve Clothing. Their posts are always different, featuring their brands, celebs, bloggers, scenery, and other fun stuff!

5. Remember to tag

A cool thing about Instagram is how it promotes brand collaboration and cooperation. I’ve seen this most commonly with bloggers featuring the brands they are wearing but as Instagram becomes more popular, this can be seen with larger companies as well. By tagging relevant brands, publications, or celebrities in photos, the consumer has a direct link to their accounts. This is beneficial for both parties, since it encourages interaction and engagement by the consumer. If you are a brand with a small following and get tagged by an account with a large Insta-following, you will gain more followers and attention. This is a big deal in terms of gaining exposure.

6. Hashtag away

Hashtags are equally important because they are another way for consumers to be directed to your brand.