Social media is a daily part of all our lives. Whether you check your Facebook first thing in the morning, tweet throughout the day or Instagram your dinner, each one of us likes to be social!

You are likely a user of what I call the ‘big three-‘ Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and probably like to pin too.

There’s a network for every taste and objective, and there are likely to be some networks that you should be using but aren’t!

So, what about some of the other networks out there?

Snapchat: don’t dismiss Snapchat as a network just for teens. The network can be used to send photos that disappear after ten seconds, making it a fun way to launch a big announcement! Many big brands and publishers including McDonald’s, General Electric and Vice are using the network to share content that disappears almost as immediately as it arrives.

Michael Kors used the network to release fashion week specific content, tying in with the live stream of its fashion show completely online.

Looking to tease a new product or service? Snapchat is a fun and unique way to do it!

SlideShare: I like to use SlideShare as a research resource when I’m preparing for public speaking engagements. I also use it to share my slides after any presentations or events that I’ve contributed to. It’s a great way to share your expertise and see what others in your industry are doing!

Flickr: the photo-sharing site is a great place to showcase your images and organize them into specific albums or share within groups. By using Flickr, I’ve had my photographs published on other websites and in print, and have learned how to perfect my photography technique. The site is also a great resource for sourcing images- but make sure you check the permissions first.

Vine: Vine was released to a large fanfare, but in recent months, it has seemed to have all but disappeared. I’ll be reacquainting myself with Vine as I cover the UK General Election – but one of the highlights is that it can be directly embedded inline on Twitter.

Which new social networks are you using? Share your suggestions with us!