News cycles come and go, and when you’re experiencing a quiet period, it’s important to think fast and try to make some headlines!

Having a plan in place will help save time, reduce stress and importantly, get the coverage that your client or organization needs!

What can you do to make news?

Create an ideas bank: have a spreadsheet or a word document that contains a wide range of ideas that you can easily use to create headlines. Separate ideas into ones that are time sensitive, and others that can be used at a non-specific time.

Take part in advocacy days: every day seems to be dedicated to celebrating or marking a specific cause, action or industry! Find out the days that could provide a unique opportunity to promote your client or organization and plan accordingly!

Thought leadership: is there a particular issue or topic that could spark a debate? Consider penning a thought leadership piece that provides a substantive look at an event or development in your industry.

Infographics: a picture paints a thousand words, and infographics are an exciting visual way of presenting news and data. If you are duty bound to produce an annual report or a piece of research, use infographics as a fresh alternative.

Don’t be afraid to ‘trendjack:’ use social media and in particular, hashtags to your advantage! ‘Trendjacking’ (also referred to as ‘newsjacking’) is a newsworthy to have your say on a topical issue or event. Whilst this is a great way of gaining coverage, it’s important to be mindful of any potential PR pitfalls, particularly on social media!

How have you created news in a quiet cycle? Share your tips with us in the comments!