Pinterest is one of our favorite social media networks- and one of yours too! Over an estimated 72 million people are active on Pinterest, with the most prolific time for posting between the hours of 8pm and 1am.

A myriad of pretty pictures and beauty tips, Pinterest is a key part of content and social media strategy for many brands and individuals. If you’re new to the network or want to boost your pinning profile, these are the tips you need to know.

Be consistent: approach Pinterest with the same consistency strategy you would on other social media networks. Commit to a dedicated number of pins you’ll upload a day, as well as how many repins of other people’s images you’ll share. Research has shown that individuals who post more than ten pins a day have higher levels of engagement.

Maximize the clock: research the best times to share your new images! Between 2pm and 4pm and 8pm and 1am are the best times to share your pins – seems like we’re all relaxing with Pinterest in the evenings! Be sure to adapt to your time zone and when your target market will be active.

Use correct sizes: the most popular images on Pinterest are vertical in size. Take advantage of sites like Canva and PicMonkey that have free ready-made templates for Pinterest. Experiment with the mosaic ones to maximise the images you can use.

Rich pins: want your followers to have more information about product prices, timings or directions? Use rich pins to do this. More details about how this detailed process works can be found on Pinterest directly.

Think about your words: describing your pins is an important part of the process. Use keywords to ensure your pins appear in relevant searches and be positive in your descriptions!

Space and queue pins: if you use scheduling software for other networks try using it for Pinterest. Space and queue pins, ensuring that they’ll appear at regular intervals and when your followers are online.

Be engaging: above all, be social! Comment on other pins, repin them and participate in group boards. Be engaging and have fun!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? What tips have worked for you? Let us know in the comment