In this modern age, we are used to everything happening at the click of a button. Naturally, immediate action is what we have grown to expect. But, imagine this: you walk into the movie theater at the climax of the film. As a moviegoer, you are lacking valuable background information about the characters and you don’t have a firm grasp of the plot. This would be confusing, frustrating, and overall not what you paid for. Now let’s apply this scenario to PR.

When it comes to Public Relations, there is a process that must be followed to obtain the desired results. We will work with you to gain an understanding of how your organization is perceived and then mold that perception into desired tangible results. While the action may seem like the most exciting part, it will not be effective if the proper groundwork has not been laid out. So, given this process, while good PR doesn’t usually happen overnight, it is much more likely to happen within a reasonable timeline.

Every project and campaign can be a little bit different but on average, we like to say in the initial month of work you will be able to see your brand narrative and pitch come together with outreach kicking off! By month two we target seeing initial press opportunities arising and by month three most campaigns are solidly in progress. One of the greatest benefits we offer our clients is the ability to leverage our relationships and background experience to hit the ground running when it comes to earned media!

Have more questions about PR results and timeframes? Share them in the comments and we’d be happy to answer them!