What is it that makes you stay at the same vacation resort every year? What is it that prompts you to consistently book your flight with the same airline? What is it that made you choose the method of transportation that takes you to the airport? It is because you trust these companies. You have confidence that you will experience the same warm hospitality at the resort. You faithfully believe your airline ticket ensures you a seat on the plane. And, you believe that your vehicle will safely deliver you to the airport. Consumers conduct business with companies they trust, and public relations is a trust building tool. Public relations can create a space for trust to grow and mend areas where trust between consumers and the company was broken. When this occurs, brand loyalty will become stronger than ever. As a result, company sales and credibility will increase. Public relations allows companies to embody the sometimes forgotten golden rule: “treat others the way you want to be treated.” And that is how to keep them coming back for more.

There are a number of ways PR can help build consumer trust. Highlighted below are three major ones.

  • Capture consumer attention by using personalized PR tactics to reach a specific audience and make them feel known.
  • Put your best foot forward by allowing PR professionals to pitch positive organizational stories to media outlets.
  • Have a strategic communication plan that promotes excellence in everything the organization creates and accomplishes.