There can be nothing worse than having writer’s block, particularly when it comes to creating content on a deadline! If you’ve ever thought or asked yourself ‘where do people get their content ideas from?’ make sure you read and keep my tips for brainstorming top content!

Social conversations: use engagement on your social media channels to find out what content is appealing and what your followers love. Use sites like Storify to collate a socially driven story covering a particular topic or event relevant to your blog or business.

Use customer/reader feedback: directly asking your customers or readers can help you get straight down to business. Perhaps set-up a simple survey for individuals to fill in, or devise an effective social media campaign to collate opinions quickly. This is a great way to tailor future content!

Your website: your website will hold lots of possibilities for creating new content. Perhaps design an infographic based on your about section, show examples of your work in a blog post, or design some call to action images to share on social media. The options are endless!

Others for inspiration: pay regular visits to influencers, clients and competitors to see what content they are producing. Are they producing content in areas that you are missing? Be inspired by others!

Trends and analytics: make use of your analytical data and capitalize on trends by using tools such as Google Trends. This is a great way of seeing what’s popular in your market, as well as seeing how well you are performing.

If all else fails, get a big sheet of paper, some colored pens and get creative!

How do you brainstorm content? Let me know in the comment