There’s no denying that Nashville has grown an incredible artisan coffee community. No two are alike, and each is awesome for its uniqueness. Whether you want to impress someone from out of town, crank out some good work, or have coffee with a friend, you can find the perfect place to enjoy your cup of joe. Over here at LPR, we’ve put our heads together to come up with our top 5 favorite spots to enjoy a latte.

1)  Frothy Monkey 12 South – This shop is awesome for meetings. It has a nice patio area to enjoy some sunshine and we think it boasts the best pimento cheese sandwich in town!

2)  Ugly Mugs— This is the perfect spot for getting some serious work done. The coffee is strong and the shop is nice and open. There’s also a large patio area that’s dog friendly- always fun to see some furry friends hanging around!

3)  Barista Parlor East— Without a doubt, this is the coolest place in town to get your caffeine fix. It’s a great place to bring out-of-towners and impress them with Nashville’s artisan coffee scene and great design.

4)  Portland Brew on Eastland – Looking for a nice place to work? The upstairs of this shop offers just that. Beautiful light, great music, a quiet atmosphere, and delicious coffee. It’s one of the most peaceful work settings around and ideal for an afternoon writing.

5)  Bongo Java – Eclectic and fun, Bongo has a young, college vibe with great coffee selections. Be sure to snag their awesome Bongo Basic breakfast deal too – trust us, it’s delicious.

We hope this list of our favorites helps you in finding the perfect coffee shop here in town. Here’s to your next cup, wherever it may be!