We all have our favorite brands, but have you considered that in fact you are a brand too?

In the easy age of Googling one another, getting your personal branding spot on has never been more important.

What steps can you take to achieve a great personal brand?

Define your strengths: make a list of what you’re great at, and what you’ve received praise for. Think about how you can capitalize on these positives, and use them as the centerpiece for your personal brand strategy.

Pinpoint your audience: determine who your target audience is by auditing your current batch of followers. How did they interact with your posts? Use this research to expand who you’re following and target key influencers in your industry.

Regular content: want your audience to keep coming back? Make sure you are sharing content on a regular basis. Draw up a posting schedule, optimized to share posts or updates at key posting times. Add your voice to newsworthy topics and trends to capitalize on what’s popular, but don’t lose your identity!

Make yourself an expert: stand out from the crowd by making yourself an expert! Are you passionate about a particular area of design, or do you have vast experience in niche subject? Show your knowledge by regularly creating content, sharing links or participating in online discussion about your passion.

Be consistent across social media: big brands do this, and it is vital you do the same. Use a professional headshot as the profile photo on all your social media profiles and design graphics that are appropriate for each platform. Be sure to include links to your other social media channels and to your blog (if you have one.) Consider using keyword rich words in the biography section if you want to be found and remember, consistency is key!

Create an influential circle: want to be considered an influencer? Look to your influencers first to see how they earned that status! Collate your influencers by using options such as Lists on Twitter and be sure to interact with them to get yourself noticed!

How have you created your online brand? Are there any tips you would add? Let me know in the comments!