Part of making a story a success is being able to follow up with an editor. Whether at the start or end of your task, this is one part that you can’t afford to mess up.

As the Founder and Editor of Political Style, I receive many pitches and many follow-ups. The way in which an individual follows up or checks-in with me can make a real difference when I’m writing a post or considering running a feature.

Here are some of my suggestions for following up with an editor in a non-irritating way!

Be respectful of time: if an editor specifies that they would prefer you to get back to them at a specific time then make sure you respect this. There’s nothing more irritating than having an email in your inbox that you can’t deal with before a particular time!

Provide a short overview of the original information: summarize the main details of your request and any relevant contact information that the editor will need.

Submit the information that is required: if an editor needs 3 photos and a biography then make sure you send just that! I often experience individuals sending me details I don’t need instead of what is essential to the post!

Don’t send the same message over and over: if you find yourself just about to hit send on the same email for the third or fourth time, then please stop! If you’ve not heard back from an editor or journalist at this point, then it’s unlikely that you will. I’m still receiving an email from a particular company that I’ve probably been sent in excess of ten times.

Finish on a positive note: whether the editor wants to work with you or revisit the opportunity in the future, it’s important to finish on a positive note. Send an email saying thank you and ask if they’re happy for you to contact them in the future.

What techniques do you use when following up with an editor? Let us know!