Hi! I’m Laura Dunn, Lexington PR’s Social Media and Communications specialist. I’m really excited to be contributing to Lexington’s blog, and my posts will share industry news, client events and handy PR and media expertise tips.

Here are some fun facts about me!

  1. I started the blog Political Style in 2008. Blogging about fashion and politics has led me to meet inspiring individuals like Teen Vogue Editor Amy Astley and philanthropist Dayle Haddon.
  1. I was once an intern for a Member of Congress- I absolutely loved it!
  1. My biggest weakness is shoes- I have now run out of space to store them all!
  1. I love political dramas! My current favorite is Madam Secretary, and I also enjoy watching House of Cards, Scandal and the West Wing.
  1. My two top people to interview for my Huffington Post Women in Business column are Aerin Lauder and Linda Fargo.

As a consultant and business owner, I currently work with clients in the public, private and third sectors, providing assistance with social media, public relations, copywriting, content creation and proofreading. It is fantastic to work with such a diverse client base! I am also responsible for communications for a politician.

I’m really looking forward to sharing news and updates on this blog. In the meantime, if you have a question or just want to say hi, find me over on Twitter!