Imagine this – you are at a party and you find deodorant marks, your feet are killing you or you have sweat stains. These issues are hardly as glamorous as your fabulous outfit, but avoid hiding out in the host’s bathroom by having these five fashion saves from our client, Fashion First Aid, in your purse.

Victim: Feet
Cause: 4-inch painful pumps
Fix: Wundercover tattoo & skin shields which protect your skin from blisters or can hide those tattoos that you want to disguise. Do not let your heels get you down and avoid being the shoeless person.

Victim: Outfit – Underarm area
Cause: Sweat stains
Fix: The drastic change in temperature from freezing outside to an extremely warm inside can be a debbie-downer for your clothes.  Don’t sweat, Garment Guard disposable underarm shields will save your shirt.

Victim: Outfit – Underarm area
Cause- Deodorant
Fix: You tried to avoid sweat stains and you succeeded, but there are deodorant stains as proof. Use Skid Out deodorant, drip & drool erasers to remove deodorant marks, toothpaste drool, brush away make up and the pet hair your furry friend got on you.

Victim- Your essentials
Cause: Fabulous dress without pockets
Fix: You only need a few things, your ID and card but do not want to carry a clutch, so what do you do? Pocksie can be stuck inside of your clothing or boot and will prevent you from ever being caught without your essentials.

Victim: Your clothes
Cause: Tears, broken buttons or slipping straps
Fix: Quick fix sticks help when your dress tears, your bra strap becomes the center of attention and slips or a button breaks. Never have a Janet Jackson moment or other wardrobe malfunctions with this handy fashion tape.

Get these five fixes and more with the kit, Fashion First Aid: 7 life-saving solutions.