The inspirational quotes, memes, and articles on self-care have dominated the online world lately. Admit it, you’ve probably indulged in self-care over the past year, whether it was through a relaxing solo-vacation, a warm bath with candles, or even just moisturizing your face. However, when you live in a society accustomed to spending more than 40-hours a week working, sometimes that luxurious bubble bath session just isn’t an option.

We’d like to make the case that self-care does not have to be limited to your time off. In fact, practicing self-care in the workplace can help increase your energy, mood, and effectiveness at your job. To start of 2020 right, try incorporating some of these workplace self-care routines.

Stretch and Move

Recent studies show that people who sit too much are at an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and shorter life spans, even if they exercise. That’s pretty staggering. Don’t experience “death-by-sitting” by getting up to move every hour or so. Make a pot of coffee, chat with a coworker, or take a walk outside if that’s an option. Putting your body into action increases blood flow and helps enhance mental clarity. Stretching is also a vital part of your physical and mental health, especially if your job involves being sedentary for long periods. A simple arm, leg, or back stretch can even be done right from your desk!

Spruce Up Your Workspace

New year, new desk decor! It’s time to put 2019 in the past. So why not start by de-cluttering your workspace? We know those old post-it notes do not pass Marie Kondo’s “joy sparking” test. Once you’ve put the past behind you and organized your desk, add some enhancements. You can add updated photos of the family, a simple desk plant, or anything that inspires you to do your best work.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Staring at screens all day long can wreak havoc on our eyes leading to dryness and eye strain causing fatigue and headaches, according to a recent Harvard University study. Since ditching the screens isn’t an option for most professionals, take measures to reduce use and protect your eyes. Tools like Time Out, Flux, and Pangobright can help reduce the strain caused by long computer sessions, while blue light reflecting glasses can help block out the damaging lights. As mentioned before, frequent breaks from your computer has multiple benefits.

Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

When you have a balance of healthy fats, carbs, and protein close by, you’ll be less likely to resort to the snack machine when those mid-day cravings kick in. Be prepared for the daily urge to graze and keep something healthy handy. 

Get More Sleep 

According to the CDD, one in three Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, which is crucial to keeping your mind sharp and body energized. While we don’t recommend sleeping on the job, getting at least seven hours of sleep each night is a self-care NECESSITY if you want to perform well at work.